I’ve never been (un)happier by Shaheen Bhatt

42269208I’ve never been (Un)happier: by Shaheen Bhatt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is everything one needs to read to know that negative feelings are universal emotions. It’s a debut book of Shaheen Bhatt, written in a journal manner. The book starts with some anecdotes from different ages of Shaheen’s life, giving insights into the longevity of the depressive phase she has been through. It’s a small book of only 66 pages, but the topics and accounts it discusses are heavy and hence I read it slowly absorbing every bit of it. The book, in my opinion, would be helpful to people dealing with similar depressive trauma in life, giving then hope that the incomprehensible feelings they have are not unique and they are not alone in it.
Its account with respect to personal experiences of Shaheen is heartbreaking at some points, I duly acknowledge that at this point of time when she wrote the book she was able to comprehend and reason with most of the negative thoughts she had in her teenage years. It’s imaginable how horrifying these experiences would be in first hand when she could not reason every feeling out.
I am moved by the book, and while I cried my heart out at almost every single page I am content that a book accounting the depressive episodes in a modern day lifestyle is out there, which would be relatable and will help to start a word for numerous people dealing with depression.

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