Becoming – Michelle Obama

Review: 'Becoming' Michelle ObamaRating: 5/5 stars

This book is a memoir of the former first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, highlighting her upbringing and challenges she faced through. I have always loved hearing her speeches, dumbfounded by the awe-inspiring articulation of her thoughts and passionate delivery. Michelle Obama is one of the many women I look up to and being a fan of her speeches, the audiobook narrated by her was the best pick for me. The memoir is very frank and bold, divided into three sections Michelle Obama talks about her early life, meeting Barrack Obama and her experiences as the first lady.

I liked the forthright tone of the book, the way Michelle Obama has normalized and admitted the struggles that she faced while adjusting with Barrack Obama pursuing a political career and being married with two children is worthwhile. She candidly puts forward the thoughts she had, how she dealt with them, the adjustments she made, and how she handled her marriage, making it all sound conventional and not prodigious. The book provides insights into the childhood of Michelle Obama which was interesting and informative. She recreates the African American life around her that shaped her thoughts, and her relationship with her parents.

While being a memoir about her life, it does partly solidify Barrack Obama’s character as Michelle Obama is one of the major support pillars of his life and career. Overall the book title is apt as it comprehends Michelle Obama’s life from her childhood as Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, the girl of the South Side to Michelle Obama, the first African-American First Lady.

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