Reading Goals: September 2019

September 2019 Picks

This is probably the most recommended book to me. Already halfway in the journey, I’m liking this book so far.

I’ve developed an obsession with the theme and style of Mr. Murugan. His way of storytelling leaves me in awe every time. I’m very excited for this book.

I struggle a bit while articulating arguments. I am hoping to learn a few important lessons to help me with better articulation.

I’ve picked this book before and couldn’t finish it. This year, I had this in my booker prize books list.

Manu Joseph’s book ‘The Illicit happiness of other people’ was an unexpected discovery for me. I absolutely loved it. I’m looking forward to read his other books.

To fill my satirical appetite. I’ve not read anything by Paul Beatty before so here I’m.

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