The Goat Thief by Perumal Murugan, N Kalyan Raman (Translator)

The Goat thief is a collection of ten short stories by Perumal Murugan. It is translated in English from Tamil by N Kalyan Raman. Mr. Murugan’s other books translated from English are One part woman and Poonachi. In my opinion, short stories are challenging to write. In a novel, you have a multitude of pages to establish a relationship between the reader and the characters. In a short story, this has to be done in fewer words and lesser time.

Needless to say, every story in The goat thief strikes you perfectly. I love Mr. Murugan’s writing, his other two books have resonated with me on various levels. There’s so much to like about Mr. Murugan’s literary style and his choice of characters. The simplicity with which he shows us the substandard aspects of the marginalized society is a skill. Just with a paragraph you are diving into the depths of the character and loving the dirty waters. He is an audacious storyteller, who tells you the unhappy stories with a sting of humor, making sure it stays with you.

This is my third book by Mr. Murugan and I loved it. Mr. Murugan can bring life to anything and intrigue you about things like a kid would be. He uses innate and unusual protagonists for his stories like a Goat and a water well. They have feelings and they behave like a being of your world. He makes you bend your imagination and hear the protagonist.

“They are afflicted with the misery of being unable to live according to rules. They face endless harassment and vilification. Isolating themselves from others, they create their private worlds.”

After having read his two novels, I was very much excited about this collection of short stories. I loved the book and I highly recommend this to people who like to read Indian Literature or short stories. Trust me, you wouldn’t be disappointed.