Alan M. Turing by Sara Turing

This book is a biography of Alan by his mother. It was originally published as a collection of information by his mother for the people writing Alan’s biography so they could utilize these records in the future. The book is divided into two segments – one main biographical by Sara Turing and another small section by John Turing, Alan’s brother. One can easily tell that Alan’s mother was very proud of him. It somehow was too much distraction from his actual personality, which his mother was not aware of. Of all the letters and records that are cited by Sara, none of them talks about his sexuality and engagement, which Alan himself said was a ‘simple’ part of him. There are gaps like this which are addressed by Alan’s brother, John, to complete the entire picture.

This book gives a reader a perspective of more about the way his family perceived him. For his mother, he was an intelligent, good kid. Apart from some information gaps, it’s still an interesting read. The information of the period when his father was posted overseas and his mother wrote letters is refreshing.

I would recommend this book to people who like to read biographies and who are interested in reading about Alan Turing.