Nine Pints by Rose George

Nine Pints: Rose George: 9781250230683: Books

‘Nine Pints’ is presented as a story of blood in ‘Nine Pints’ that is Nine chapters. Each chapter covers deals with a different story of blood, some stories do divert from being just about blood. Sometimes so much that they are not about blood anymore. But to defend it, there’s only so much that can be written about only blood without making it too academic. And this is what I liked in the book, that even though there were a lot of academic research-based theories in the book, Rose still managed to make it interesting for a read.

I picked this book from Bill Gates’s recommendation to incorporate into my Non-Fiction Reading list. I was slightly skeptical to continue this after the first chapter, but I did it anyway. I do know a lot more about blood now than I did before reading this book. But if I know it for good, I don’t know. Every chapter is dedicated to some aspect of blood, like the fifth chapter is about HIV and majorly covers the town of Khayelitsha, where HIV cases are still untracked. I found chapters six and seven quite fascinating of the book, which deals which menstruation. Mainly focusing on the taboos related to menstruation in Nepal and India. There is one chapter on blood donation, another on leeches, and leech therapy. I found the chapter with leech therapy diverting too much from the topic in hand, blood.

It’s not an easy read. But if you are engaged in it, you can read it one section at a time. I found it a little hard to transition between chapters because the switch in the story was not expected, but within a section, it’s a comparatively easy read. I believe that since the chapters are not interlinked, the sequencing of the chapters could have been different to make it more engaging.

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