Dear Girls by Ali Wong

Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, & Advice for Living ...

‘Dear Girls’ is a hilarious memoir of Ali Wong, written as a series of letters addressed to her daughters, Nikki and Mari. Ali narrates her story of studying abroad, her dating life, the story meeting her husband, and her journey as a stand up comic. This book is very casual and fun, just like Ali’s personality. I picked up this book because I like reading Memoirs of celebrities. It gives me more insight into their background and their work. Being her fan, this was on my TBR since it came out.

Ali talks about everything in this book, the hard work she put in to be where she is right now. Sharing her struggles being a comic and raising two daughters, her relationship with her parents, about her husband and more. This book is funny, but it’s more than just a funny memoir. It’s inspiration covered in humor.

I really liked the ending of the book. The afterword is written by Ali’s I really liked the ending of the book. The afterword is written by Ali’s husband, Justin, who’s referred to as ‘Daddy’ in the entire book. Everything until that point was narrated by Ali, most of which was about her marriage and raising Mary and Nikki in which Justin played a prominent role. So it was refreshing to read his side of the story. It completed the book for me.

This book, being fun and humor might only cater to readers who are familiar with Ali Wong’s work and want to read more about her. However, I believe if the new audience gives it a chance, this book and Ali wong will grow on them. It’s a very transparent record but very sexual as well, in a humorous way, just like Ali’s stand-ups. Don’t let the title throw you away, ‘Dear Girls’ is for Nikki, Mari and everyone else.

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