Prem Kabootar by Manav Kaul

Rating: 4 out of 5.

” सामाजिक खट-खट का दिनभर की खट-पट से ज़्यादा ताल्लुक नहीं है। बाहर की जितनी भी आवाज़ें हैं, वे मुझे भीतर की ही आवाज़ें लगती है “

Prem Kabootar is a collection of short stories by Manav Kaul. I revered the theme of the stories and the way they have been put together. The simplicity and the authenticity of the stories and characters captivated me.

There are few stories about the girls the author either dated or wanted to date. The innocent love letter exchanges and how the author ghostwrites a love letter for his friend was simplistic and beautiful. The author and his friend fall for the same girl, and how the author copes with it. It’s the nuances of growing up and the normalcy of life in Indian 90′ that the author has tried to capture from his life.

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