Everything is F*cked: A book about Hope by Mark Manson

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

In summary, this is a sequel to the ‘The subtle art of not giving a F*ck’ but even better. I enjoyed this book cover to cover. The range of topics it covers, the way to putting forward the argument, the anecdotes, and the predictions of the future, all of it was easy to follow and interesting to read. The previous book resonated with so many people, almost everyone I know has either read the book or knows about the gist of the book. I am sure this one will also have a giant reach. The main reason being the ease of language and engaging anecdotes. Reading Mark Manson books do not feel like reading a book about larger than life topics. It feels like talking to a friend. Hence, I believe so many people can read it end to end without losing interest or getting overwhelmed.

In the book, Mark talks about a variety of topics, ranging from religion, politics, AI, emotions, and what not! There’s a chapter about how to start your religion, which I found hilarious. It systematically explains stages and steps to start a religion. While it did not specify that it has to be a spiritual religion, one can easily draw parallels with some cult-like figures that exist today. The author talks about various systems of governance and how democracy compares to other forms of government.

One other concept that I liked was the concept of ‘Real freedom’ and ‘Fake freedom’. Today in the age of social media and the digital revolution, how the ‘life hacking’ speed challenges have taken over people. There’s a feeling of missing out, and everyone wants to experience everything without giving it much time to be free to express yourself using that experience. Real freedom is when you get to choose your suffering and pain and not happiness. Fake freedom is doing things for momentary happiness and you do things choosing happiness.

Towards the end, the author compares how science, which emerged as a new religion in the era of spiritual religion, will have people worship technology and AI as gods in future. When the algorithms will ease the living, and we would have everything sorted out without efforts or work. We will be again looking for the meaning of life and our purpose of living. Because that’s what we do, finding meaning in our existence.

The book has given me a lot to think about. If time allows, I would want to reread it in a few years. To see the similarity of my thoughts and how these concepts evolve with time.

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