Zendagi Migzara

I have read hundreds of stories, a thousand pages, a million words, and an incomprehensible quantity of metaphors in the past few years. Yet, nothing has stuck out to me so much as these two words. Zendagi Migzara. I often wonder why. But usually, I know the answer to the Why. These two words tell a million stories without telling even one. These two words are your story and mine. They are everyone’s story and yet no ones’. They are the beginning of all metaphors and the end of none. They are the best two words I have read and yet haven’t read them at all. They are the moral of all the stories, the spoiler for all the movies, the melody of the poems, and the philosophy of our existence.

‘Zendagi Migzara” means “Life goes On” in Persian. I don’t know Persian, but I know Khaled Hosseini’s books. And it was through these books I got introduced to these exceptional words. When I started reading books, I didn’t know what I liked about them. Sometimes it was the characters. Sometimes it was the story. Sometimes, it was the ending. Sometimes, it was the tragedy. It was often something that I could take out of the book and bring back with me to our world, like a crux. Sometimes, it was shared-grief. Sometimes, it was just a metaphor. But the best stories were the ones that did not require a narration all over. They had a feeling attached to them. When I looked at the part of the crux, I was reminded of everything I had read and felt while I had let myself loose.

‘Zendagi Migzara’ takes me back to not just a story that I read years ago, or even to its characters. It takes me back to my younger self. To the journey from the moment when I discovered this book to the moment I finished it. It reminds me that I wasn’t the same person after any of the books that I read. It reminds me of the change. It reminds me that we can be still and yet, move ahead in life. That we can be at peace and yet, be passionate about something at the same time. That you don’t always need to chase one thing after the other. Life goes on, you just need to be at pace with it. And you’ll be steady and moving at the same time.

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