The Hazards of Love: Book 1 by Stan Stanley

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
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“The Hazards of Love” by Stan Stanley wasn’t what I expected. I was expecting it to be a teenage coming of the age love story. Instead, It’s a fantasy induced graphic comic, which draws various parallels with the human world. It’s a story of two worlds, the Human World and the magical world. It was quite interesting to see the free-flowing imagination of the author with the ‘magical’ world. I like how she explores the nuances of the two worlds. The magical world is an wicked world where humans are not welcomed, and if any human is trapped there by mistake, they have to work as slave like workers to get by.

Image result for hazards of love stan stanley

The protagonist, Amparo, is stuck in the magical world. He is trying to get back to the human world to return to his family. It’s fun to read about his ways to achieve the same. The fantastical elements of the books blended with the beautiful colorful illustrations make this an enjoyable read. I would be looking forward to the next volume.

Thanks to NetGalley for a review copy!

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