Stitches by David Small

Stitches: A Memoir eBook: Small, David: Kindle Store

Rating: 5 out of 5.

‘Stitches’ is a very personal illustrated memoir of the author. It encompasses the author’s childhood and growing up with tough parents, and dealing with illness alongside. He has incorporated magic in the mask of tragedy which feels more real than a sketch and closer to you than a stranger’s story. I read this book a month ago, and still, I can’t find a good set of words to describe the reading experience. I was immersed in the book and the story and the drawings! It was like a movie. End-to-end, it was a bitter-sweet reading experience.

I am very fond of literature and knowing people’s stories. Memoirs are a mix of both, and I wholeheartedly love them. There’s a sense of personal touch in Memoirs that somehow is missing in other fictional stories. They are stingy but oh so real. Yet, the storyteller chooses to tell you the important parts and lets you be in their shoes for a few pages. It feels real when a person tells you the story by showing it via their art.

The stories that David Small tells us of his childhood are not happy ones. They are real and heartbreaking. And he’ll make you cry, but all of it will feel closer than it is. He shares his story of being a cancer patient, running away from the house at the age of sixteen, his relationship with his parents, and how he used art as a coping mechanism. And once again, I felt nothing short of magic. Highly recommended.

One illustration strip that struck me highly is below, it just said so much in one simple action that I can’t get over it.

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