Misery by Stephen King

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

At about two-thirds of the book, the only thing I could speak was ‘AAAAAAAAHHHH’. It was a ride. Misery was my second book by Stephen King, and it didn’t disappoint me. The premise, the story, and the ending, everything was gripping and intense. I had to stop reading the book at around one-third of the book, and I did dream-like Paul that night. It was only till the weekend that I could complete the book.

Misery starts with an accident of a very famous writer, Paul Sheldon, who has written the Misery Novels. After the accident, he wakes up to find himself not in a hospital but a dark and damp room. And a nurse by his side. The nurse also happens to be a crazy fan of the Misery series. What entails during Paul’s recovery is a gruesome tale of obsession and psychosis. It has so many ups and downs that you can’t afford to not turn the page and read what happens next.

I like the premise of the book. It’s unique in a way that supports the story very well. The writer and fan relationship dynamic add a different twist to the psychotic angle. The power dynamic provides so much control over the characters, not only of the main book but the ones in the Misery Novels. Throughout the book, the scenes and story progress with Paul and Annie, the nurse. But in the background, the Misery Book characters come out in the light. And we the ideas that flow from the main story to the Misery story and vice versa. This exchange and the narration were immersive.

The only thing that did not sit with me correctly was the unnecessary buildups. In some places, the buildups gave me goosebumps. At some places, they felt like a boring monologue in Paul’s head.

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